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Our Story

Take a trip back into a past era

The Adirondack Hotel was originally built in the 1850’s. It is the only remaining Hotel from that era that is still operating in the Park.

The original structure, Kellog’s Lake House, burned to the ground in 1898. Steve Lamos rebuilt the hotel for owner John Anderson in 1899. A four story addition was built in 1914, which included a formal dining room and 8 more guest rooms.

In 1990 Carol Young, the current owner, purchased the property in poor condition after it had been closed for two years. The building was renovated to provide comfortable, inviting accommodations reminiscent of the past. Over the next 27 years Carol has continued to upgrade, improve and maintain the stewardship of the building. She has added her own touches and renovations to this Historical building including renovating all 20 of the guest rooms and 19 bathrooms.

The Adirondack Hotel boasts a unique blend of rustic Adirondack and Victorian design that reflects it’s equally unique history. It is truly one of a kind.

The Hotel is four stories high and situated on the southeast shores of Long Lake. Visitors can view the Seward Range in the north and the High Peaks beyond from the hotel’s dining areas and verandas.

The first floor houses two dining rooms, sitting room, hotel front desk area, giftshop, taproom and kitchen. The second floor has a suite and 9 guest rooms. The third floor has an apartment and 9 guest rooms. The parking lot is ample and cars are also allowed to park on both sides of the road located in front of Town beach area.

Guests love our lakeside veranda’s, the converted ice chest cooler that is now our beer cooler. The record size moose that graces behind the original 1900’s front desk. The famous Adirondack black bear located in the front lobby, (he gets lots of selfies). The Taproom is the community hub where by the time you leave “everybody knows your name”. The hotel is filled with antiques and other historic decor.

From then until now the Adirondack Hotel continues it’s role as the hub of Long Lake, NY and a hidden jewel in the Adirondack Park.

Check out some historic photo’s below.


Originally built in the 1850’s The Adirondack Hotel is the only
remaining Hotel from that era still operating in the Park